• 17 April 2024

    Staying steady: 5 tips to prevent falls

    As we age, our bodies change, and tasks that were once second nature may become more challenging. One of the most significant concerns for older adults is the risk of falling, and globally, falls are the second leading cause of death from unintentional injury.
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  • 10 April 2024

    The health benefits of walking: A step towards healthy aging

    Incorporating walking into daily routines doesn't require expensive equipment or elaborate plans. Simply lace up comfortable shoes, step outside, and embrace the joy of movement. Start with short walks and gradually increase duration and intensity as fitness improves. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regimen. Read our resources below to explore this topic further.
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  • 3 April 2024

    April is National Oral Health Month: Promoting healthy smiles

    April marks the start of National Oral Health Month, a good time to check in on your teeth and gums. Oral health is an important part of our overall well-being, and as we get older, our teeth and gums undergo more changes, which means they require more care. Common challenges include missing teeth, gum/periodontal disease, root decay, and dry mouth (caused by medications).
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  • 27 March 2024

    Reducing alcohol consumption for older adults

    For many older adults, alcohol may have played a significant role in social gatherings, celebrations, and even relaxation. However, as Canada’s alcohol consumption guidelines have changed, it’s important to re-evaluate our relationship with alcohol, especially as we age.
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  • 20 March 2024

    Brain Health Awareness Month: 5 things you can do to optimize your brain health

    Healthy aging involves supporting both the body and the brain. Your lifestyle can influence the cognitive changes that come with age – giving you the power to keep your mind healthy! Here are five things you can do to boost your brain health and support healthy aging
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  • 13 March 2024

    Navigating the fog: World Delirium Awareness Day sheds light on a hidden challenge

    In a world buzzing with technological advancements and medical breakthroughs, silent battles are still being fought within healthcare facilities' corridors. One such often-overlooked challenge is delirium, a medical condition that affects millions around the globe. March 13th marked World Delirium Awareness Day, a day to shed light on this often misunderstood and underdiagnosed condition.
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  • 4 March 2024

    It’s Music Therapy Month: The harmonious benefits of music

    March is Music Therapy Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the many benefits of music therapy for people of all ages and abilities, including older adults. Given the deep connection that most of us have with music, it should be no surprise that researchers worldwide continue to investigate music's therapeutic benefits. Music can unlock emotions and memories, help ease hospital stays, improve exercise and walking routines and contribute to our overall well-being.
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  • 28 February 2024

    March is Nutrition Month: Nourishing your well-being with food

    March is Nutrition Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of making informed food choices and developing healthy eating habits. As we age, our nutritional needs evolve, making it crucial to prioritize a well-balanced diet to support overall health and well-being.
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  • 21 February 2024

    Is it time to book a medication review?

    If you’ve ever wondered if you’d be better off with fewer pills, it may be time to ask your healthcare team about a medication review. These reviews are an important part of care and can help optimize health outcomes for older adults. Together, you can work on a plan that meets your health and wellness goals while safely reducing any medications you no longer need.
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  • 14 February 2024

    4 preventative health strategies you can embrace

    As we get older, prioritizing our health becomes more crucial than ever. Preventative health measures are key in ensuring a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle. February is Preventative Health Awareness Month, a month-long initiative that aims to help inform Canadians about things they can do to keep themselves healthy at every age and stage of life.
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  • 7 February 2024

    February is Heart Month: 4 ways you can improve your heart health

    Heart Month is a poignant reminder for older adults to prioritize their cardiovascular health. By adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity, mindful nutrition, regular check-ups, and stress management, older adults can take charge of their well-being and enjoy a heart-healthy life.
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  • 30 January 2024

    World Cancer Day 2024: A proactive approach to prevention

    World Cancer Day takes place on the 4th of February each year and is an opportunity to raise worldwide awareness and improve education on the topic. This day serves as a poignant reminder of the global efforts to raise awareness, reduce the stigma, and foster a collective commitment to fighting cancer.
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  • 23 January 2024

    Navigating the roads safely as you age

    As we age, maintaining our independence becomes increasingly important, and one aspect of that independence is the ability to stay mobile. For many older adults, a vehicle is a way to get around and a sign of their independence, enabling them to maintain their social and community activities. However, aging may bring about changes in vision, reaction time, and overall health, making it critical to adopt safe driving practices and consider alternate forms of transportation.
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  • 15 January 2024

    Preventing slips and falls this winter

    As the winter season sets in, the beauty of the snow-covered landscape can bring with it a set of challenges, including an increased risk of slips and falls. Falls are responsible for many injury-related hospitalizations amongst older adults each year, many of which result in serious injuries.
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  • 10 January 2024

    Thriving in 2024: 5 ways to stick with your health goals

    As we usher in the New Year, many of us are inspired to embrace positive changes, especially when it comes to our health. For older adults, maintaining and improving health is a worthy and achievable goal. Whether you're aiming to boost your energy levels, enhance mobility, or feel your best, here are some tips to help you stick to your health goals in the coming year.
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  • 2 January 2024

    5 tips to chase away the winter blues

    Many people grapple with the winter blues as winter settles in with its chilly winds and shorter days. The cold weather and lack of sunlight can contribute to feelings of isolation and lethargy. However, there are several strategies to leverage to help beat the winter blues and embrace the season with positivity.
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  • 19 December 2023

    Embracing the Future: Aging Optimally in 2024

    As the year ends, we often look back and reflect on the experiences we had, the things we learned, and the highs and lows that came with it. The start of a new year can signal a fresh start and an opportunity to set new goals and intentions. As we say goodbye to 2023, we reflect on some content highlights from the past year that will help you continue to age optimally in the new year and beyond.
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  • 12 December 2023

    Thriving through the holidays: 4 strategies for a happy and healthy season

    The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. However, for many, it can also be a challenging period for maintaining health and well-being. With many indulgences, busy schedules, and potential stressors, it's crucial to prioritize our health during this festive time. We have compiled four strategies to help you prioritize your health while enjoying the festive time of year.
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  • 6 December 2023

    Embracing Connection: Using Technology to Stay Connected During the Holidays

    The holiday season is a time of joy, love, and togetherness. Holiday traditions bring about a sense of nostalgia and a yearning for the familiar warmth of family gatherings. But for many, being together in person during the holidays can be challenging. The good news is, in today's digital age, technology has become a powerful tool for bridging generational gaps and keeping loved ones connected, especially during the holiday season.
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  • 29 November 2023

    Embracing Winter: 4 Wellness Tips

    As winter blankets the world in a shimmering coat of snow and the days start to feel shorter, thanks to fewer daylight hours, many people begin to find it challenging to maintain their well-being. The colder temperatures and darker days can have an impact on both our physical and mental health. However, with a few simple adjustments and mindful practices, we all can navigate the winter season with grace and vitality. Read on for a few ways to make your health a priority as the seasons shift.
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