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  • Healthy eating for seniors

    Government of Canada - Living in Canada

    Eating with others is an important part of healthy eating. You can join a lunch group or eat with your neighbours. Read this resource to learn more about how you can socialize during meals.

  • Aging in Place Kitchen Design Ideas: Tips for Caregivers

    Institute on Aging

    The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house. As you age, modifying your kitchen with new features or tools can help make your kitchen more accessible and safe. Read this resource to learn more about what kinds of changes you can make for an age-friendly kitchen.

  • Cooking for Seniors in Their Home: The Benefits of Hiring A Pro

    Institute on Aging

    Older adults and their caregivers may struggle with cooking. Hiring a professional chef can be one way to help overcome poor nutrition. Read this resource to learn more.

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Facing a difficult health choice? Decision aids can help.

Hamilton, ON - August 30, 2017

The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal now features patient decision aids to help support older adults and caregivers with important decisions involving health care. Learn more.

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